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Julius Böhm

Julius Böhm, one of the most important of the early Viennese mineral dealers, opened for business in 1884. He sold predominantly mineral specimens, and also decorator pieces and meteorites, sometimes with old previous collection labels included. In 1893 he acquired the famous collection of Alois Lill von Lilienbach of Pribram (d.1871). In 1925 Böhm acquired the famous collection of Commissioner Johann Isidor Weinberger (1838-1915)--around 100,000 specimens--and divided it into portions which he sold off individually. The greater part of this collection may ultimately have found its way, directly or through other dealers, to Hans Karabacek. The Karabaceck collection was purchased in 1936 by the Harvard Mineralogical Museum.

Julius Böhm died in 1925, and the business was taken over by Elias Gabriel. Gabriel may have been involved in the acquisition of the Weinberger collection, and in 1934 he also acquired the collections of Brüll, Pap, Tschermak, Perlep and Schurz. The firm of Julius Böhm closed its doors in 1938, after 54 years in the mineral business.

The various labels of Julius Böhm can be roughly dated. Those which carry the words "Österr.-ungar. Mineralien-Comptoir" (=Austro-Hungarian Mineral Dealership) date from 1884 to 1910. If the street address is given as "Florianigasse" the date can be narrowed to around 1884-1887, whereas if the street address is on "Maysedergasse" the date is approximately between 1890 and 1910. If a rubber stamp showing the address on "Lobkowitzplatz" is used over a pre-existing label the date is from 1910 to around 1924. And labels showing an address on "Nibelungengasse" date from the period of Böhm's successor, Elias Gabriel, 1925-1938.

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The Mineralogical Record - Julius Böhm 48 x 59 mm,
A label with the "Liebkowitzplatz" address, 1910-1924
The Mineralogical Record - Julius Böhm 43 x 58 mm,
Overstamped label from the Weinberger collection, acquired in 1925.
The Mineralogical Record - Julius Böhm 50 x 62 mm,
Label with "Nibelungengasse" address, 1925-1938
The Mineralogical Record - Julius Böhm 35 x 54 mm,
Label with "Nibelungengasse" address, 1925-1938
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