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 Swedish Museum of Natural History
(1843-    )

The nucleus of the collections housed today in the Swedish National Museum of Natural History in Stockholm originated with the Royal Academy of Science, established in 1739. When the Academy received the donation of the extensive private collections of Gustaf von Paykull (1757-1826) in 1819, the decision was made to create a new museum to house and display them, along with the Academy's collection. The new institution opened its doors in 1843; the current museum building was constructed in 1915.

Important mineralogical collections acquired by the Mineralogy Department ("Mineralogiska Afdelning") over the years include 6,852 specimens donated by museum superintendant Hjalmar Sjögren (1856-1922), 4,385 specimens from Uppsala Geography Professor Axel Hamberg (1863-1933), the collection of Swedish mineralogist Wilhelm Haidinger 1766-1852), the collection of the famous chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius (1779-1848), and the collection of Swedish King Gustav VI Adolf (1882-1973). The museum currently holds about 130,000 mineral specimens as well as 937 meteorites and 20,000 rock samples.

The mineral exhibit was located on the first floor of the southwest wing of the building until 1996, when a major remodeling project was completed; about 2,400 specimens are displayed in 14 desktop cases and six upright cases.

Disambiguation Note: Not to be confused with the Stockholms Högskolas Mineralogisk Institution, the "Stockholm University Institute of Mineralogy."

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