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William H. Broadwell

New Jersey mineral collector and micromounter, printer and photographer, William Henry Broadwell, was born in Newark, Newark, New Jersey on October 29, 1876, the son of Frances "Fanny" E. Doremus and James A. Broadwell, and a descendant of Rev. Jacob Greene, one of the first trustees of the College of New Jersey (later renamed Princeton University). He worked as a mailman in his earlier years, while developing his skill as a photographer. He photographed many New Jersey landmarks and sites of historical interest, and often exhibited his photos at the Newark Public library. He also operated his own commercial photography shop beginning sometime between 1911 and 1917. He collected newspaper and magazine clippings pertaining to state events; he also collected theater programs and insects as well as minerals.

Broadwell was a familiar figure around Newark because of his somewhat eccentric appearance: he always wore a goatee and broad-brommed Western hat, a corduroy coat, riding breeches, and high-laced leather boots.

Broadwell's principal hobby was mineral collecting, and he was one of the organizers of the Newark Mineralkogical Society, of which he served as secretary for 13 years. He assembled his collection of about 2,500-3,000 specimens "in the 1930's and before but not as early as 1912 or so." He had kept it in two wooden cabinets, one with 10 drawers and one with 20 drawers. With Charles Hoadley he compiled a 4-page list/pamphlet of the minerals of Franklin, New Jersey. He was a member of the New York Mineralogical Club and a charter member of the Newark, New Jersey Mineral Society.

Broadwell never married; he lived with his cousin, Lilly J. Rogers, from at least 1920 to 1930. When he died on April 2, 1947, his collection and cabinets were acquired by Maurice Hammoneau, a New York dealer who had been manager of the museum shop for the American Museum of Natural History. After World War II he left the museum and opened his own shop selling minerals, shells and books. He sold the Broadwell collection to an unnamed party who sold it to Neal Yedlin in 1976.

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