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Edwin E.  Howell

The geologist, Edwin Eugene Howell, was born in March of 1847 in Genesee County, New York. He took part in U.S. Geological Surveys (the Wheeler Surveys) west of the 100th meridian in 1872-1873 and made a survey of the Rocky Mountain region in 1874. He is believed to have made the first relief map in 1871, modeling the island of Santo Domingo. His 1876 relief map of the Grand Canyon was exhibited as part of the Centennial celebrations in Philadelphia, and 56 of his maps were prominently exhibited at the World's Fair in St. Louis (1904). Howell was also the author of a Report on the Geology of Portions of Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico in Explorations and Surveys West of the 100th Meridian, 1875.

Howell worked for his brother-in-law, Henry A. Ward at Ward's Natural Science Establishment in Rochester, New York from 1875 to 1891, selling minerals under the company name of "Ward & Howell" in Rochester, New York. He also served as the geology, mineralogy and paleontology editor for Ward's Natural Science Bulletin in 1881-1882 (wherein a note states that "Letters concerning minerals, rocks and fossils, address to Ward & Howell." He married Anne Huntington Williams there in 1884, and their son Ralph was born in Rochester in 1887. In 1891 Howell left Ward's and moved to Washington, D.C. (where his daughter Annie was born in July of that year) and opened a shop called "Howell's Microcosm" at 612 Seventeenth Street NW, dealing in natural history specimen (especially minerals and meteorites) and geological relief maps. He appears there on the 1900 census with his two children, listed as a "mineralogist" and a widower (Anne having died in December 1893). His ads ran in The Mineral Collector until August 1896. He died in 1911 at the age of 64.
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