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Leopold Eger
(fl. 1873 -1919)

Dr. Leopold Eger's mineral dealership, variously called "Mineralien-Naturalien und Münz-Comptoir" ("Münz" referring to rare coins), "Naturalien- u. Lehrmittel Comptoir," "Dr. L. Eger's Mineralien-Comptoir," and simply "Dr. L. Eger," operated in Vienna, Austria from the following addresses (based on a study of dated labels by Fitz) :

(1873) Giselastr. 1
(1888) Breitegasse 9
(1890) Maysedergasse 3
(1893-1898) Maximilianstr. 11
(1899) Buchfeldgasse 4
(1903) Krugerstr. 8
(1910-1912) Breitegasse 9 [sic]
(1919) Theobaldgasse 5
(? date:) Lothringerstrasse 5
(? date:) Mariahilfer Hauptstrasse 18

FITZ, O. (1993) Eine Sammlung erzählt / Beitrag zu Inhalt und Geschichte der Mineralien- und Gesteinssammlung an der Abteilung Baugeologie des Institutes für Bodenforschung und Baugeologie, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien. Mitteilungen des Institutes für Bodenforschung und Baugeologie, Abteilung Baugeologie, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Sonderheft 1, 80 p.
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The Mineralogical Record - Leopold Eger 38 x 60 mm,
No address. Handwritten on the back: "Sadebeck Samling," probably referring to the crystallographer Alexander Sadebeck (1843-1879),and dated 1882--three years after his death, probably when his collection was sold. So this label can date to no later than 1879.
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