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Henri Minod
(ca. 1845-1935)

Henri Minod was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, in 1845, the son of Catherine Gauthier and Jean Minod. In 1872 he married Joséphine Victorine Collet. He established the Comptoir Minéralogique et Géologique de Genève ("Mineralogical and Geological dealership of Geneva") at 6, rue St-Léger in the 1890s. Minod made a deal with the Swiss Government to be the sole distributor of specimens and specimen sets from the Simplon Tunnel in 1899. Around 1900 Minod acquired the N'Goureyma iron meteorite, (which had just fallen in Mali), a very strange specimen which cannot be classified with other iron meteorites. He sold polished slabs of it for several years thereafter.

Minod was also a long-time, uncompromising crusader against slavery and prostitution, and wrote numerous works on the subjects. He served as Secretary of the International Abolitionist Federation from 1875 to 1914.

The Comptoir Minéralogique et Géologique Suisse of Grebel, Wendler & Cie. ultimately absorbed the Comptoir Minéralogique et Géologique de Genève of Henry Minod. According to Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae (1903):

"The dealership of H[enri] Minod, in Geneva [at 6, rue St-Léger], having grown significantly in recent years, and exceeding the available energies of its Director, who had other duties, has been turned over to a company by the name of Grebel, Wendler & Cie (Cours des Bastions 3, in Geneva). This dealership is always abundantly supplied with minerals, rocks and fossils from all countries, and also handles relief maps, books, etc. It has dealt especially in the sale of the collections of rocks from the Simplon Tunnel, with reduced prices for museums and public schools in Switzerland."

This must have been somewhat old news in 1903, because for a while after the merger, the labels carried both company names: Comptoir Minéralogique et Géologique Suisse H. Minod,> and a map published under this dual name [at 6, rue St-Léger] is mentioned in The Geological Magazine in 1901. For a brief time, both shops appear to have remained open after the merger, and Minod retained a role for at least a short time (he wrote a letter in May 1901 on Grebel stationary). In any case, Minod's name was eventually dropped.

In 1905 Minod is listed in the Naturalists' International Directory, no longer associated with his company, which operated under the management of "Grebel, Wendler & Company" thereafter. The company operated at least until 1926 and probably longer. An ad for Grebel, Wendler & Cie. lists minerals, loose crystals, rocks, fossils, mineralogical instruments, crystal models, plaster casts of fossils, mineralogical instruments, thin sections, and Show pieces of minerals and fossils--as well as specimens of the N'Goureyma meteorite. They also sold specimen sets (from the Simplon Tunnel, the Swiss Alps, Mont Blanc, ore minerals, etc.), maps and books including a guide to collecting minerals (Anleitung zum Sammeln von Mineralien) for 1 franc, written by Grebel himself.
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