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Carl Droop

Carl Adolph Droop was born August 28, 1841 in Raumthal, Langenfelde, Germany, the son of Justus Karl Droop and Hulda Caron; he married Hermine Scheel in Emden, Lower Saxony, in 1872, and is identified in the German records as a Kaufmann (merchant/shopkeeper). They had three sons: Carl Adolph Jr., in Emden in 1873; Fritz Justus, in Emden in 1875; and Hermann Theodor in Emden in 1879. Hermann Theodor became an artist who painted scenes in the Dresden area, indicating a move by the family from Emden to Dresden.

Carl Droop was the proprietor of a mineral dealership in Dresden-Plauen, Germany, which he founded in 1889, according to company letterhead. The business went first by the name of "Sächsische Mineralien-Handlung Droop" as late as 1903, and later (perhaps after the death of the founder?) as "Mineralienhaus Droop." A 1905 invoice from Mineralienhaus Droop is signed "A. Droop," perhaps Carl's son Carl Adolph Jr., going by his middle name. The trademark for Mineralienhaus Droop was a capital "M" resting on a recumbent "D," a symbol which is the only identifying mark on some labels.

Carl Adolph Droop was the author of Die Gesteinslehre. Gemeinverständliche Geologie für Schulen und Sammler. ("The Rock Guide: Popular Geology for Schools and Collectors"), Dresden-Plauen: Verlag von H. Focken (1897). That same year he published Mineralogische Notizen. Gemeinverständliches mineralogisches Fachblatt, published by the Sächsische Mineralien-Handlung in Dresden-Plauen.

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The Mineralogical Record - Carl Droop 40x 51 mm,
Mineralienhaus Droop (1904-1930's)
The Mineralogical Record - Carl Droop Droop's 1897 guide to rock collecting.
The Mineralogical Record - Carl Droop Mineralienhaus Droop's invoice to Lazard Cahn in New York, dated October 6, 1905.
The Mineralogical Record - Carl Droop 38 x 59 mm
Label showing only the "MD" trademark symbol for Mineralienhaus Droop (1904-1930'S).
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