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Anton August Heinrich Lichtenstein
LICHTENSTEIN, Anton August Heinrich.

LICHTENSTEIN, Anton August Heinrich.
(1753 - 1816)

(Born: Helmstädt, Germany, 25 August 1753; Died: Helmstädt, Germany, 16 February 1816) German theologian & naturalist.

Lichtenstein studied oriental culture, theology, philosophy, physics and natural history in Göttingen, Leipzig and Helmstadt. In 1775, he was appointed rector of the Stadtschule in Helmstädt. A few years later he became rector at the Johanneum in Hamburg. In 1794, he also took on the role of city librarian. In 1799, Lichtenstein was appointed ordinary professor of theology at the city's University. He retired in 1810.

Biographical references: DBA: I 761, 420-440; 1431, 39-44. Hamberger & Meusel, Gelehrte Teutschland, 1796-1834. Jöcher, Gelehrten-Lexikon, Supplement. WBI.

1. German, 1793 [Sale catalog].
Catalogus rerum naturalium rarissimarum Hamburgi, ... auctionis lege distrahendarum. Sectio prima continens mammalia et aves (-secunda continens conchylia, item mineralia,-tertia continens insecta). Verzeichniss von höchstseltenen ... Naturalien, etc. [Being a catalogue of the Holthuysen collection.] Hamburg, [1793-96.]

3 parts.

Very scarce. Sale of a large natural history cabinet. This title cataloged the shells and minerals. Lichtenstein together with Peter Hinrich Packischefsky also wrote the catalog for a further sale of zoological specimens: Catalogus musei zoologici ditissimi Hamburgi, d. 16. Majus 1797. auctionis lege distrahendi. Continens insecta. Verzeichniss von höchstseltenen ... Naturalien ... welche ... öffentlich verkauft werden sollen, durch ... Peter Hinrich Packischefsky, etc. Hamburg, [1797.] 8°: 156 p. [BL: B.677.(7.)].

In addition, a collection of insects was sold in 1800: Schneider, D.H., Verzeichniss einer Parthei Insekten (aus dem Holthuysenschen Kabinette) welche am 6ten März 1800 ... verkauft werden sollen. [Stralsund, 1800; BL: B.460.(4.)].

Bibliographical references: BL [955.a.35.]. Wilson, History of Mineral Collecting, 1994: 176.

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