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The Mineralogical Record is the premier forum for advertising mineral specimens for sale. Check out the information below and then contact us about your advertising needs. We have been helping sellers meet customers for over 40 years, and we are ready to be of service to you. The Mineralogical Record is the world's foremost English-language publication for mineral collectors and specimen oriented mineralogists, curators and hobbyists. We are a bimonthly publication with a guaranteed circulation of 5,000 copies, with special issues selling up to 10,000 copies. Each issue is read by more than 10,000 people who annually spend millions of dollars on minerals.

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See our "Suggestions for New Advertisers."

Ad Rates* and Sizes Available -- ALL RATES INCLUDE COLOR!

*Significant discounts obtained by paying for three ads or six ads with one check.
*No agency discounts or cash discounts.
*All advertising must be paid by the Closing Date (see below).

Ad Size and Layout Dimensions 1 Issue Rate 3 Issue Rate 6 Issue Rate
Full page9 3/4" h x 7"w$2409$2046$1639
2/3 page (vertical)9 3/4" h x 45/8" w193616231320
2/3 page (horizontal)6 1/2" h x 7"w193616231320
1/2 page (vertical)9 3/4" h x 33/8" w160013501090
1/2 page (horizontal)4 3/4" h x 7"w160013501090
1/3 page (vertical)9 3/4" h x 21/8" w1130940770
1/3 page (square)4 3/4" h x 45/8" w1130940770
1/3 page (horizontal)3 1/4" h x 7"w1130940770
1/4 page (vertical)7" h x 2 1/8"w820680535
1/4 page (square)3 3/8" h x 43/4" w820680535
1/4 page (square)4 3/4 " h x 31/4" w820680535
1/4 page (horizontal)2 1/2" h x 7"w820680535
1/5 page3 3/4" h x 31/4" w620510400
5-inch box5" h x 2 1/8"w535440360
4-inch box (vertical)4" h x 2 1/8"w 460380315
4-inch box (horizontal)2" h x 4 5/8"w460380315
3-inch box (vertical)3" h x 2 1/8"w360305235
3-inch box (horizontal)1" h x 7" w360305235
2-inch box2" h x 2 1/8"w285230185
1-inch box1" h x 2 1/8"w150125100

Museum Directory Listing for 1 year = $440
Internet Directory listing for 1 year = $200

Issue Closing Dates

January-February IssueOctober 15
March-April IssueDecember 15
May-June IssueFebruary 15
July-August IssueApril 15
September-October IssueJune 15
November-December IssueAugust 15

An additional 15 days...

...beyond the closing date are allowed in which advertisers may make changes (excluding size changes) in ads already paid for.

Mailing dates

Issues are generally mailed out around the 15th of the first month (i.e. January 15 for the January-February issue), plus-or-minus a few days.

*Jan-Feb Issue / Tucson Show Note:

We cannot guarantee that the January-February issue will reach all subscribers before the opening of the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in early February. We therefore recommend that Tucson Show-related advertising be placed in the November-December issue.

Use this address for all advertising correspondence:

Wendell E. Wilson
Editor & Publisher
The Mineralogical Record
4631 Paseo Tubutama
Tucson, AZ 85750
Tel: 520-299-5274
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