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Every mineral collector, at least those who read the Mineralogical Record, knows about the existence of the Friends of Mineralogy, an organization consisting of mineralogists, mineral collectors, mineral curators and mineral dealers. It was founded through the efforts of the late Arthur Montgomery, as a purely altruistic organization whose mission it is to foster the appreciation of minerals, to support the preservation and dissemination of mineralogical knowledge (especially among the collector community), and to support the responsible conservation of mineral specimens and mineral localities for posterity.

FM consists of a national governing body and also of various regional chapters in areas not already served by strong local societies espousing a similar mission. The national and regional organizations have been involved in many worthwhile projects, including the preparation and publication of regional locality indexes, the preservation of specific famous mineral localities, the sponsorship of symposia, lectures and awards, and the dissemination of instructional materials, teachers' guides, technical publications and other educational documents that benefit the science and the public.

Perhaps it has been a while, however, since most readers have actually considered becoming a member. There is no better time than the present to address this question! What are the personal benefits of membership? The personal satisfaction of helping to promote mineralogy, and the fun of working with like-minded people who are passionate about minerals (and, of course, you get the organizational newsletter). FM does not exist to benefit its small membership, but rather as a vehicle through which its members can effectively be of service in many organized ways to mineralogical science and the mineralogical community. Your dues support mineralogical symposia, mineralogical publications and awards, and educational programs. You may also volunteer your time, if you wish, to assist with various worthwhile and often quite interesting projects. You may join a regional chapter, or you may join the national organization directly if there is no regional chapter operating where you live.

Getting involved helps to increase the amount of enjoyment and satisfaction that the hobby of mineral collecting provides so abundantly. Go for it! Be a part of the synergy! Check out the organization's website at You can join the national Friends of Mineralogy as an at-large member (and receive their newsletter) by sending $11.00/year dues to FM Treasurer, Gloria Staebler, P.O. Box 11613, Denver, CO 80211. Prospective members of a regional chapter should contact or send the form (without dues) to the appropriate chapter officer. Regional Chapters include Colorado, Midwest, Mississippi Valley, New Jersey, Pacific Northwest, Pennsylvania, and Southern California.
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